Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baby Mix Batch#2

RM 35
Code: BY001
Measurement: Overall (42cm'H , top sidewaist 27cm'W); Tees (21cm'W) 
Size Age: 0-3months
Brand: Wishes and Kisses (by Walmart)
My Tweets: Cute and you can buy plain colored tees to mix and match

RM 35
Code: BY002
Measurement: Overall (42cm'H , top sidewaist 28cm'W); Tees (21.5cm'W) 
Size Age: 3-6 months
Brand: Wishes and Kisses (by Walmart)

RM 39
Code: BY006
Measurement: Long Tees (28cm'H, 23cm'W), Romper (22cm'W); Long Tight (31cm'H) 
Size Age: 3-6months
Brand: MotherCare
My Tweets: The long tees can act as a cardigan for other clothing

RM 42
Code: BY007
Measurement: Khakis OverallRomper (49cm'H , 27cm'W); Tees (31cm'H, 20cm'W) 
Size Age: 9months
Brand: Carter's
My Tweets: Khakis can match with any colored tees.  Get those striking colors to match 'em up

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