Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dresses Batch #2

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RM 55
Code: DR002
Measurement: 55cm'H , 22cm'W
Size Age: 4years
Brand: Gymboree
Details: Zip at the back
My Tweets: Patches of design set this dress apart from the rest, worth the buy

RM 45
Code: DR003
Measurement: 53cm'H , 24cm'W
Size Age: 3years
Brand: OshKosh

RM 55
Code: DR004
Measurement: 66cm'H , 27cm'W
Size Age: XXL
Brand: Ralph Lauren
My Tweets: English style for a classy girl

RM 45
Code: DR005
Measurement: 47cm'H , 18cm'W
Size Age: 2-3 years
Brand: Barbie
My Tweets: Material is light, girlish dress

RM 39
Code: DR006B
Measurement: 57cm'H, 23cm'W
Size Age: 4years
Brand: Jumping Beans

Code: DR006P
Measurement: 60cm'H , 27cm'W
Size Age: 5years
My Tweets: Fun colors, comfy material.

RM 39
Code: DR007
Measurement: 41cm'H , 21cm'W
Size Age: 12months
Brand: Genuine Kids by OshKosh

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